2012: The Edit

books 2012My bookcase is dying. There is no rot, damp or sag; no beetles or rusting nails. No: it is dying from neglect. It has had few covers to call its own for 6 months, and it is lonely. The kindle has hogged the love, the words, the palm-time.

Christmas is time to redress this balance. I have decided to select my top 5 (in bold below, with a 5-word summary) and ensure there is a good paperback copy of each on my shelf for commemorative and lending purposes. And these top loves can also act as my festive recommendations to you, my good readers. Happy Christmas.

Books of 2012:
Of Human Bondage
The New Capitalist Manifesto
The Stranger’s Child
Cloud Atlas In 5 words: soul, fight, connection, passion, future
The Marriage Book
Strengths Finder 2.0
What to look for in winter * In 5 words: beauty, despair, hatred, delicacy, touch
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay
The Map of Love
The Marriage Plot
The Night Watch
Wolf Hall In 5 words: murmuring, rich, web, ruthlessness, power
A Suitable Boy In 5 words: scope, birth, family, epic, beat
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
How to Find Fulfilling Work
Swimming Home
Bring up the Bodies
The Casual Vacancy
Sweet Tooth
The Magus In 5 words: mystery, desperation, selfishness, trickery, madness
How to be a woman
The Old Devils
Not on blog – Human Traces by Sebastian Faulks, and the usual scatterings of Marian Keyes and Jilly Cooper.

After such nostalgia, what can you expect from the room of joy 2013? Just a taster, but: Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Julian Barnes, Salman Rushdie. Maybe even some poetry thrown in as I get older and wrinklier.

Happy New Year, and thank you for reading.

Suitable Boy Pool


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